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Okay I'm writing dreams here too  
03:04pm 10/12/2012
Okay so This dream was kinda a fade in from something else i think but I guess I'll start with what took up most of the dream which was this magnificent asshat of a guy. We were like kinda buddies from before I remember dream wise and we had to work together cuz it was something kinda but not really at all like the black and white carapace teams in homestuck( well but human), In the sense that we were fighting and the black team were kinda huge assholes and what not, there actually isnt much to do with that but I just had a feeling in the dream like it was the same i dont know anyways. So the first thing I really remember were there were three "White" bodies laid out on the floor one beside the other and there where drawn boxes on the floor around each one and I looked away to ask asshat what was even and then I turned back and they were all in half, a line drawn though the middle. Then two bottom halves and one top where gone, it was arranged top bottom top on the floor. somewhere in all this It wasn't a realization but felt more like i remembered that what we had to do as teams was solve these weird puzzles n shit. so then over on the other side of he room there were four "black" bodies also in halves (dont remember how many tops/bottoms) and I guess mr asshat had been using some kind of control pad or something cuz all the halves kept switching and shit, we had to figure out the correct way to put them together to solve the puzzle. So i kinda have a gap here but we were at a house and he was looking this shit up and mentioned a guy we could ask but I was to busy flipping out I was just like "dude dude shut up I have to go do something, dude stop talking I HAVE TO GO" and he was just going on about this stuff and I was like "Oh my god do I have to do everything! Okay here do you have skype, can you figure out skype, just add this guy and ask him to come over". So once he was distracted by that I ran upstairs and Steph was there ( and I knew that for some reason?) And I was like "Steph you have to leave" and she was like "dude what what are you even" and I was just "STEPH YOU HAVE TO LEAVE". Because while asshat and I where on the black team, Steph was on the white team but she just had no idea of any of this. So i was like half picking her up half shoving her just DUDE LEAVE. and then of course asshat was like wtf is happening up there and he came up stairs and just kinda had a jaw drop moment and i froze and Steph was completely oblivious to the situation so she manages to walk back by me back to the room she was in. So asshat is just "Really?! Man really!? I thought we were bros what the fuck. how could you bring that bitch in here what is wrong with you." and I just kind slumped to the floor and I was like "I just I'm so sorry but she's been a best friend for like forever! I didn't know what to do I dont even know how she got here!" Then Steph comes back out in this bright blue polka dotted dress and WANTS TO LEAVE NOW (wtf why didnt you want to leave like 5 minues ago) and asshat just kinda blocks the top of the stairs and says "What the fuck are you wearing?! You can't wear that!" because generally the "white" players wear white and the "black" players wear black. So Steph still was just going about this like normal life and was like "What the fuck could you like move." and he was like "no bitch do you think I'm that fucking dumb why would I let you go." and Steph tried to push past him but he's like really fucking tall and didn't budge a bit. so then someone else came in the house and I ran downstairs to check and it was like this scruffy middle aged dude who kinda looked like a repair guy but somehow I knew it was the guy asshat was contacting online and then there was a ruckus upstairs and i whipped back up and Steph had somehow manages to heat a pot of oil and uncooked ride and was kinda flicking the pot at asshat so bits would fly out at him and the image was basically the same ans like someone spray bottling an animal. He was just kinda hissing a bit and slowly getting out of the way and then Steph just left and I went to do laundry but put it in the wrong place like 3 times and then asshat was talking to me but Ari woke me up so i dont know where that was going at all.
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Oh hey its been a few years  
06:06pm 01/10/2012
I can't even believe this is still here. But i think i'm gonna start using it again!!! Man I'm reading through these post and just dfkjsdljhjsdk why am i so obnoxious D:
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So yeah  
11:55am 14/04/2010

Okay okay okay so first off, I totally fixed the Xbox360 by myself :O. Well I don't know if it's fixed, but it's not redringing anymore! Fuck yeah.

But yeah, I'm sure most of you know that my absence from the internet is mostly because my mom is renovating in the basement so the computers where moved into her room. I also work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday,and by the time I get home my mom is usually going to bed :I. And yaknow My days off I try to spend with friends becasue I'm lonely.;^;


In other newwws. Arianna's taught me the basics of Blender and I'm trying 3D modeling ;DDDDD I'm also going to try and do papercraft tomorrow. I picked one that looks pretty simple, but I don't have much faith in glue :I Unless its like the glue gun kind, which I don't think we have. Oh I alos totally kind of cleaned my room last night ;D .....Its so faggy, but I think Axel spy crab makes up for some of it.


Okay I should be like at school now.

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Yeah holidays and stuff  
11:54pm 27/12/2009

Oh man this is like my fourth journal ever...



From my mom I got road to El dorado DVD, an awesome purple hat ;D two sketchbooks and a water colour book, a whole set of water colourpaints, brushes,pencilsand so on lots of candy. Um abut 2 weeks before Christmas she randomly gave me Othello my 1 TB external hard rive ;]

Stephie got me a huge PS3 shoulder bag because my shoulder bags can never hold all my stuff.

Breezy drew me an amazimg picture :D

My grand parents got me a 25 dollar mastercard thing.

My brother got me Spirit Tracks, which I'm hoping will get better cuz i had heard tails of badass zelda and so far she is very not badass and its easy as shit.

And my daddah got me my PS3 as a birthday/christmas present.

I spent Christmas eve at Arianna's with Breezy and other people and punched a gingerbread house apart.  Great fun, the food was awesome. Then i spent Christmas day at my dads but i was really fucking tired because I'd been staying up till ass-o-clock working on a sculpture for my brother which I still havent finished. I plan to do water colour cards for some of my friends by newyears eve hopefully.




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02:14am 17/08/2009





















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(no subject)  
11:50pm 04/02/2009








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04:29pm 17/11/2008






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04:27am 17/10/2008















 .....I MEANT TODAY!!!!!

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03:35am 09/10/2008

What Is Your Battle Cry?

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"By Odin's mighty spear, I pillage like a four-year-old on a sugar rampage!"

Find out!
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Uh, I'm a little worried  
07:02pm 29/07/2008
Warning~ Serious things ahead!

:/ So, My mom has been trying to phone my brother for about a week now, he wont answer and Christine is in Calgary. We phoned his friends and they haven't talked to him for about a week either, and on msn he's just been set as away. So just about 20 minutes ago Christine phoned and talked to my mom for a bit. She said he'd been acting weird before she left, like, she went into his room and asked if something was wrong and such and he just sat there looking at the T.V. So tomorrow I'm going to the house, I'm kind if a bit scared to >.> Would anyone be willing to come with me? If not that's A-Ok!
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